Free online teleprompter to read while looking at the camera

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2021-02-27 (updated on 2022-05-06)
If you want to speak fluently to the camera, the best thing is to be able to read what you are going to say, right? This free online teleprompter is specially designed to be used with your monitor webcam, but it will also work for your smartphone or tablet. And it's free.
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In the era of youtubers and other content creators, tools like this teleprompter are really appreciated. It's simple and free, it allows you to read a text while looking at the camera.

is specially designed to be used with the webcam that we usually have placed on our monitor. It does not matter if you are close to the screen and the camera, as the text appears just below the camera and this is why in the video it will appear as if it were not. you look at it.

Very simple to use, with on-screen controls but also with keyboard shortcuts to be able to control it easily while recording. For example, you can speed up or slow down the text, pause it momentarily, and resume it later. Also, it has two visual modes: light mode and dark mode. And all this for free, without registration of any kind, without taking absolutely any data, and maintaining the privacy of your text, which is not saved at all (a copy is used). useful that is lost when you finish using the teleprompter). Simply, if you like it, when the playback ends it offers to make a donation (completely optional).

Creators like Virtus Dante already use this online teleprompter in your recordings of videos for YouTube.

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