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20th Anniversary of my relationship with PHP

2023 marks the 20th anniversary of my relationship with PHP, the programming language that changed my life. And I have to confess that I'm still in love.
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PrestaShop Developer

Finding a good PHP programmer to perform tasks on your PrestaShop online store can be decisive for the success of your e-commerce.
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Free online teleprompter to read while looking at the camera

If you want to speak fluently to the camera, the best thing is to be able to read what you are going to say, right? This free online teleprompter is specially designed to be used with your monitor webcam, but it will also work for your smartphone or tablet. And it's free.
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PrestaShop and its careless relation invoice number - invoice date

Something that PrestaShop has been doing wrong since the beginning of time is the mismatch between invoice number and invoice date. This is because the invoice date can be saved days before the invoice number is generated. Fortunately, it is very easy to fix.
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Get a score of 99 on Google PageSpeed ??Insights

With experiences rarely exceeding 60 or 70 points, many people wonder if it's even possible to get a perfect score on Google PageSpeed ??Insights.
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Do you enter a parent category in your PrestaShop and do not see products?

In PrestaShop, if you want a product to appear within the parent category of its default category, you have to expressly mark it. This goes against nature, and requires extra work.
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Export PrestaShop products to CSV or XML in bulk

Whether to publish in marketplaces, import from another store or application, generate data feed,... PrestaExport allows you to export the products of your PrestaShop by choosing what data you want to include and allows you to have different configurations (export different files).
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Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Algorand, Solana and other cryptocurrencies

The rise of electronic currencies is unstoppable, jump on the bandwagon now by opening your own wallet and buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, Algoran or other cryptocurrencies. You can now make and receive payments in BTC, ETH, LTC, ALGO, SOL,... as well as hoard to sell in the future and get a return.
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Management software for web hosting providers

WHMCS is a complete program to manage the hosting that you offer to your clients, with many automated tasks that facilitate your work and increase performance and control. And it's not only limited to this.
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PrestaShop will implement Symfony, WTF?

PrestaShop will gradually migrate its code to the Symfony framework from the next version of PrestaShop, 1.7, of which there is already an alpha. This deserves a WTF.
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