PHP programmer expert in web development

Who I am

A programming enthusiast with a creative spirit.

I always liked to build... Developing software allows me to play my favorite game.

Founder of PrestaImport.

What I do

I am currently very focused on e-commerce projects, being part of wecomm.

I analyze problems and design solutions, also participating in their development and implementation.

My experience

Working with PHP since 2003, I have contributed to the development of hundreds of websites, each to a greater or lesser extent.

The amount and diversity of problems I have faced in all this time swell my curriculum.


If you think I can help you with your project, solve a specific situation, or want me to participate in an event, do not hesitate to send me a message.

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What am I thinking?

All out

Much development of electronic commerce from wecomm.

New record!

More than 2000 contributions in github
in the last year :)


Score of 100 in PageSpeed Insights
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Did you know?

This site is multilanguage and has an amazing system of friendly URLs.

Right now

It's time to review and adapt that web page so that it works with at least PHP 7.3.

For pleasure

Do you want your little ones to learn to program for free? I'm registered as teacher at