PHP programmer expert in web development

Who I am

A programming enthusiast with a creative spirit. I always liked to build... Developing software allows me to play my favorite game.

Founder of PrestaImport and expert in PrestaShop.

What I do

I am currently very focused on e-commerce projects, collaborating with wecomm and other agencies.

I analyze problems and design solutions, also participating in their development and implementation.

My experience

Working with PHP since 2003, I have contributed to the development of hundreds of websites, each to a greater or lesser extent.

The amount and diversity of problems I have faced in all this time swell my curriculum.


If you think I can help you with your project, solve a specific situation, or want me to participate in an event, do not hesitate to send me a message.

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What am I thinking?

All out

Much development of electronic commerce and integration with marketplaces.


The best module to export products from your PrestaShop online store to a CSV file.


Score of 100 in PageSpeed Insights
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Did you know?

This site is multilanguage and has an amazing system of friendly URLs (and it isn't WordPress).

Right now

It's time to review and adapt that web app or page so that it works with PHP 8.


I'm familiar to work and deal with clients remotely since 2003.

About PHP

The PHP programming language is one of the most used in Internet to bring web pages to life. In combination with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySql or MariaDb databases, it powers websites of all kinds. Also, PHP programmers find a multitude of resources online, either to learn or to improve their skills and dexterity as a developer.

However, being a language used since practically the beginning of the Internet, today we find that many of these resources are out of date, and that web applications made with PHP have become obsolete and need to be adapted to work with newer versions of PHP, at least with PHP 7.4, since hosting providers (web hosting) are also updating their servers and leaving behind previous versions of PHP.

To update applications of this kind, it's necessary the participation of an expert PHP programmer, with sufficient experience to know how websites were made with PHP time ago, and with the ability to perform the reverse engineering necessary to know where to touch, and not cause unforeseen effects on the application.

Let me show you my specialties as a PHP programmer.