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Management software for web hosting providers

WHMCS is a complete program to manage the hosting that you offer to your clients, with many automated tasks that facilitate your work and increase performance and control. And it's not only limited to this.
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PrestaShop will implement Symfony, WTF?

PrestaShop will gradually migrate its code to the Symfony framework from the next version of PrestaShop, 1.7, of which there is already an alpha. This deserves a WTF.
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RealDownloader, a ghost behind FireFox and Chrome

I recently had this problem: FireFox and Chrome seemed to be revisiting the pages of each tab in the background, transparent to the user. But the real ghost visitor was RealDownloader.
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The best products importer for PrestaShop

For efficiency, compatibility, versatility and customization possibilities, PrestaImport is, without a doubt, the best importer of products to PrestaShop online stores. Without forgetting, in addition, its additional functions.
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PrestaShop modules

At PrestaImport we are developing modules for PrestaShop online stores. These modules fulfill functions not available in PrestaShop, covering specific needs.
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Don't move to Jazztel

Jazztel is carrying out a very aggressive campaign, with great offers and facilities, such as paying you the penalty of your current company, but is it really a better operator, or are you going to fill yourself with shit anyway?
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Improvements in PrestaImport just started 2014

Already having a robust system for importing products to PrestaShop, the PrestaImport team has focused on making it more user-friendly, improving its performance, and incorporating new features.
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About the way product image files are stored in PrestaShop

Like other online store systems, initially PrestaShop stored all product image files in a single directory. At the beginning of the 1.4 series, it was rightly thought that it's better to organize them in subfolders. But the specific way to do it was a shit.
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Beware of Shopmania and other opinion portals about online stores

I recently needed a product, and I found an online store that offered it cheaply, and it seemed like a reliable store. To make sure, I looked for opinions on it. What I didn't know is that this information is biased, and I was upset.
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Import products to PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a great online store engine, but managing the product catalog by hand can be hell. Thanks to PrestaImport, it is possible to automatically import and keep our supplier's product catalog updated.
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