Export PrestaShop products to CSV or XML in bulk

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2017-11-21 (updated on 2023-03-14)
Whether to publish in marketplaces, import from another store or application, generate data feed,... PrestaExport allows you to export the products of your PrestaShop by choosing what data you want to include and allows you to have different configurations (export different files).

PrestaExport is an export module for PrestaShop that allows you to create different presets. Each one is a configuration set to generate a file, which can be CSV or XML.

For each preset there are many options, it's an incredibly versatile module with which you can export your store's products for different purposes, such as publishing on marketplaces, migrating to another store, transferring data to another application, generate a data feed for your customers,... It's like having several product export modules at the price of just one.


Thanks to its batch work, it can handle thousands and thousands of products, without having to touch server constraints (such as max_execution_time). It allows to generate each file periodically and automatically through cron tasks, and these are other of its most outstanding features and functionalities (everything is configurable):

  • You can specify the name of each file.
  • Choose the directory where the files will be generated.
  • Determine which product fields to export as CSV columns (or XML tags).
  • Reorder the columns (or labels) and rename them.
  • Apply a percentage to the normal products price.
  • Export prices with or without VAT included.
  • Export the prices of each customer group.
  • Export all or a maximum of images for each product.
  • Exclude disabled products and/or from disabled categories.
  • Exclude products with empty EAN13 and avoid repeated EAN13.
  • Determine from which supplier or suppliers to export the products.
  • Convert descriptions to plain text.
  • Format numbers (prices, weight, measurements,...) from 0 to 6 decimal places.
  • Export any field from the product, product_shop or product_lang tables.
  • Export custom fields from those tables, even if they are not from PrestaShop.
  • Avoid using direct download URLs, and log every download request.
  • And more...

PrestaExport is a multilanguage module, it is available at least in Spanish, English and French (it's being translated into more languages). And the technical support is in Spanish or English.

It's compatible with all versions of PrestaShop from 1.4.7 onwards.

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Note.- This module is not sold on other sites, not even on PrestaShop Addons.