Get a score of 99 on Google PageSpeed ??Insights

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2019-10-23 (updated on 2022-05-06)
With experiences rarely exceeding 60 or 70 points, many people wonder if it's even possible to get a perfect score on Google PageSpeed ??Insights.
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Yes, we all want Saint Google to rate our page the higher the better, in positioning and whatever. And PageSpeed ??Insights is within our target focus.

Well, surely if we put an index.html with no more code than this:

<div>Hello world</div>

Surely the page will go super-fast, and... will Google position it well? Of course not. We need content on our page, and not only because it helps Google to know what it is about, but also, and this is the most important thing, because it has to be useful for users and visitors. Do not forget that the more useful it is for them, it will also be for Google.

Well, let's go to what we want: get the highest possible score in Google's PageSpeed ??Insights. But our page doesn't work with a static HTML page with hardly any content. We want to do it with a content management system that generates the HTML that serves our website, and allows us to make changes through an administration panel or backend.

Yes! my new personal site, which is made with Simple web PHP, a self-developed manager (come on, flowers and medals), and which reaches the incredible rating of 99 points for computer and 95 points for mobile.