Improvements in PrestaImport just started 2014

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2014-01-24 (updated on 2022-01-18)
Already having a robust system for importing products to PrestaShop, the PrestaImport team has focused on making it more user-friendly, improving its performance, and incorporating new features.
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The products importer to online stores PrestaShop begins the year 2014 with three important advances highlight.

Execution by cron (scheduled task)

Now, it's possible to carry out the process of importing and updating the products in your PrestaShop online store through a scheduled task that runs periodically, freeing you from the need to connect to your PrestaShop online store, and launch the import by yourself.

Now much faster

PrestaImport incorporates a new option to streamline the updating of products in our online store, detecting the rows that have changed in the provider's rate file, allowing you to skip those that have not changed.

Delete discontinued products

The importer incorporates a tool in Utilities to eliminate old products that are deactivated, and therefore can be considered discontinued. Thus, it allows to lighten the database and free disk space.


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