Management software for web hosting providers

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2017-05-01 (updated on 2022-05-04)
WHMCS is a complete program to manage the hosting that you offer to your clients, with many automated tasks that facilitate your work and increase performance and control. And it's not only limited to this.
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Any company that wants to dedicate itself to providing web hosting to its clients requires agility and control in its management.

WHMCS is a specialized software that facilitates this work, regardless of the size of your company as a hosting provider. Thanks to its integration with a large number of hosting panels, such as cPanel and Plesk, it allows you to automate the creation of accounts on servers, the allocation of resources, the deletion of expired accounts, etc.

Its functions for domain management are also very advanced, being able to integrate with a large number of domain registrars, allowing your clients to search and register domains from your website.

And it is also extensible thanks to addons that cover specific needs, such as the license manager (to sell software products with license control) or the project manager (useful for developers). And if you have a programming team, or are a programmer yourself, you can create your own plugins.

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