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2014-07-18 (updated on 2022-01-28)
At PrestaImport we are developing modules for PrestaShop online stores. These modules fulfill functions not available in PrestaShop, covering specific needs.

For some time, PrestaImport has been developing custom modules for PrestaShopand making customizations on online stores that work with this system.

Based on this experience, it has created some modules of general interest and other more specialized ones, which it distributes to the general public from its website. These are some of the modules available for your PrestaShop online store:

  • Export products to CSV or XML.- PrestaExport is used to export the products of your store to a CSV or XML file, with multiple configuration options, and can be executed by cron.
  • Special carrier.- This module allows you to establish discounts or surcharges for the shipping cost of the selected carriers, in a very versatile way.
  • Shipping cost according to distance.- Enable PrestaShop to calculate the shipping cost based on the distance between your shipping point and the delivery address. Allows you to establish several delivery points, each with its own options (fixed cost radius, cost per km radius, etc.).
  • Associate products to parent category.- It automatically associates the products to the parent categories of their current categories, recursively.
  • Associate carriers to categories.- Link products in a category to one or more carriers in your store. It is very useful when you work with bulky, expensive products or from different warehouses.

As they are public distribution modules, you can benefit from a very low price, compared to the cost of developing a specific module for your store.

The modules have been developed ensuring compatibility with PrestaShop from version 1.4 to the current version at the time of development, but also with an eye to avoiding problems with future versions. The creation of each module is a task whose complexity depends on the function or functions that the module must fulfill. From our experience and professionalism, we face each module with the best perspective.

Therefore, if you are looking for modules for PrestaShop, do not hesitate to take a look at this page:

PrestaShop modules developed by PrestaImport