The best products importer for PrestaShop

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2014-10-01 (updated on 2022-01-28)
For efficiency, compatibility, versatility and customization possibilities, PrestaImport is, without a doubt, the best importer of products to PrestaShop online stores. Without forgetting, in addition, its additional functions.
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The PrestaImport team is ready to help you. specialized in importing products to PrestaShop online stores.

You can use PrestaShop, the free and cost-effective solution. I say open, to set up your own online store. And if you need to register and keep updated your supplier's products, PrestaImport</a > can do it for you automatedly, even if it is a catalog with thousands of references.

Unlike the built-in importer in PrestaShop, the PrestaImport tool has been developed so that it can work on almost any web host, even with somewhat limited resources. Performance, therefore, is one of the bases of this application, which is presented as an addition to your online store.

PrestaImport is compatible with versions 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 of PrestaShop, and is being adapted as new ones appear. And apart from the extended ionCube loader, it doesn't require anything special to work outside of PrestaShop's needs.

Perhaps you are concerned that your store is "just another", with content that is repeated on other websites, since your supplier may provide the same information about their products to many more customers than they may have online store. With PrestaImport you can customize and differentiate this information, making your website more interesting for search engines like Google. PrestaImport developers can also make almost any adaptation that your online business needs.

PrestaImport importer capabilities:

  • Register new products, update existing ones, and disable discontinued ones.
  • Automatically capture supplier data feed.
  • Allows you to have a category tree different from that of the supplier, including discarding categories whose products you are not interested in selling.
  • A different profit margin can be set for each supplier category.
  • It gives a lot of room to apply the margin: percentage, fixed amount, minimum margin, maximum margin, extra margin, apply on wholesale price or RRP, price ranges,...
  • Rounding of prices.
  • Unattended execution by scheduled task (cron) that sends notification by email.
  • Multiple import options: deactivate discontinued or out of stock products, update or not (names, descriptions, meta-tags, taxes, references, review or add images,...), register products or not,...
  • Techniques to economize the process and considerably reduce its execution time, such as skipping rows that have not changed, and express updating.
  • Control of duplicate products, when importing from several suppliers of the same theme.
  • Automated translation with Google Translate.
  • Integration with Icecat to get product descriptions.

But PrestaImport is not only an excellent tool to import and keep the supplier's product catalog updated in your online store, but also incorporates a series of utilities that will help you in the maintenance and management of your electronic business. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Remove old (discontinued) products, to free up resources.
  • Eliminate duplicate products (by public reference, supplier reference, UPC or EAN13).
  • Reset default combinations.
  • Delete residual image files (that do not belong to any registered product image).
  • Regenerate product image thumbnails (better than PrestaShop itself).
  • Delete images based on a per-product limit.
  • Unify repeated attributes (removes repeated values ??leaving only one).
  • Put images to the categories by taking the one of one of your products (random, the most recent, or the oldest).
  • Edit a product data in bulk (for example, replace a text, or apply a function).

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