Thirty Bees

What is Thirty Bees

It's an online store system, derived from the popular PrestaShop, and therefore made in PHP. It's a free platform, and is open source. Thirty Bees is a fork of PrestaShop 1.6, from which it was separated with the idea of improving where it lacked, instead of getting lost in perhaps too pretentious daydreams. Hence, it earned the nickname "the PrestaShop you always wanted". It does not have a community as extensive as PrestaShop...Or maybe yes? because practically all PrestaShop modules are compatible with Thirty Bees if they work for 1.6, and much of the help and resources you find on PrestaShop will be useful for Thirty Bees.


Thanks to this e-Commerce platform, you can manage your categories, products, orders, customers, brands,... Everything from a modern and friendly administration panel or backend. And, just like with PrestaShop, you can expand the functionalities of your store thanks to specific modules.

Thirty Bees programmer

Do you want to have a comfortable and efficient online store?

As PrestaShop expert, Thirty Bees is also one of my specialties, so feel free to contact me directly.

Thirty Bees